Insinistra, Stoker, Sarkonia

01. 06. 2024 | 200 Kč

The Federation, Sneafell, Malibu Shots

07. 06. 2024 | bude doplněno

Ariadne's Thread, Wolfarian, Nemoreus, Ewenay

08. 06. 2024 | 300 Kč/ 350 Kč

OMO, The Queues, H!GH DADDY

14. 06. 2024 | bude doplněno

Wayfarer Fest

22. 06. 2024 | 270 Kč/ 300 Kč

mollust, Cronica, Tezaura

23. 06. 2024 | bude doplněno

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mollust, Cronica, Tezaura

23. 06. 2024 | 19:00

CENA: bude doplněno

Enjoy a joyful concert night full of folk and symphonic metal music!
Opera Metal from Leipzig, Germany.
Dark soundscapes, operatique elements and powerful riffs blend in an exquisite mixture of classical music and metal, presented in ball gowns and frock coats.
Heavy folk from Jaworzno, Poland. Their style can be described as a mix of European folk music with heavy guitar sounds.
Two female voices and one male voice form a wide range of vocal parts, from classical and opera singing, white folk singing, to growls and screams.
Tezaura is a melodic-metal band from Brno, Czechia. Their music is characterized by dreamy female vocal melodies accompanied by modern keyboards and electro synths with a fair load of killing metal riffs.
19:00 Doors
19:30-20:15 Tezaura
20:40-21:30 Cronica
21:55-22:45 molllust


  • General Surgery (SWE)
  • Gutalax
  • Debustrol
  • Blaze Bayley (UK)
  • Krisiun (BRA)
  • Grai (RUS)
  • Moonsorrow (FIN)
  • Plexis
  • Fen (UK)
  • Virvum (SWI)
  • a další

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