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About the club

Melodka music club, founded in 1929, is firmly rooted in the modern history of the city of Brno.

It is a steadily functioning multi-genre music club with a broad range of visitors. Its firm organization background supported by the first-rate sound and light equipment enables hosting of significant names of both the Czech and the world music scene (check the list in the right-hand column). A lot of space is also dedicated to young bands, fresh projects, workshops, fashion shows, competitions and other kinds of show formats.

Conditions of organizing events
at the Melodka club

The club can be rented for the purpose of organizing concerts, student parties, company parties or DJ parties.

Organizing of live concerts

The rental price varies according to the chosen day of the week:

  • Sunday, Monday, Tuesday: 240 EUR
  • Wednesday, Thursday: 280 EUR
  • Fridays, Saturday: 320 EUR

The price includes:

  • club rental, sound and lights
  • sound-check between 7 pm – 8 pm (the light crew is not present)
  • show between 8 pm – 12 pm (longer shows can be discussed)
  • every extra half-hour of the show costs 15 EUR

Services and facilities that can be provided for a special fee:

  • security guards
  • extra stage-hands
  • professional recording of the show (36 digital tracks)
  • professional catering
  • traditional posters for particular events put up around the city

Organizing of DJ parties

The rental prices for the purpose of organizing DJ PARTIES are significantly different to the prices of booking LIVE SHOWS because they do not include the services mentioned above.

The exact conditions for organizing parties can be sent on demand, please send us an email at

Other general conditions

The club promotes the events on its website, the facebook profile and on the numerous monthly program posters around the city.

The club’s premises include a comfortable and safe parking lot.

The organizer handles all copyright matters of the performing artists.

The club reserves the right to cancel any events that could be politically oriented.

Written contract or detailed terms and conditions of organizing events can be sent on demand.

we've hosted

Tito & Tarantula (MEX)

Trivium (USA)

Doug Aldrich's Steamroller (USA)

Richie Kotzen (USA)

Skinny Molly (USA)

Geoff Tyson (USA)

Ken Hensley (UK)

Vanilla Fudge (USA)

Don Airey (UK)

Circle II Circle (USA)

Waltari (FIN)

Hirax (USA)

The Boys (UK)

UK Subs (UK)

Blaze Bayley (UK)

Pavlov's Dog (USA)

Die Happy (D)

Názov Stavby (SK)

Prago Union

Pro-Pain (USA)

Crushing Caspars (D)

Precedens & B. Basiková (CZ)

Vladimir 518 (CZ)

T. M. Stevens (USA)

Taake (NOR)

Rotting Christ (GR)

Root (CZ)

Victor Smolski (BLR)

Krucipüsk (CZ)

Billy the Kid (CR)

Indy & Wich (CZ)

Majk Spirit (SK)

Jolly Joker (CZ)

Narvan (CZ)

Insania (CZ)

Arakain (CZ)

Lenka Dusilová (CZ)

Tomáš Kočko (CZ)


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